2020-2021 Foundry Scholarships

Please note that scholarship funds will be very limited this year because of the COVID crisis impact on the funds’ endowment performance. Though our Scholarship funds are very limited this year, we remain committed to supporting our students as they embark on their educational journeys.

Higher education is expensive! Foundry's Scholarship Ministry Team wants to help!

*Though our Scholarship funds are very limited this year, we remain committed to supporting our students as they embark on their educational journeys.

Foundry offers two types of one-year scholarships:

The Alida Smith Memorial Scholarship

for undergraduate or graduate students at any institution (community colleges, 4-year institutions, or graduate institutions)

The Edward W. Bauman Scholarship

for those attending seminary and planning to enter Christian ministry upon graduation.

Who can apply:

Any student who is a member of, or closely associated with*, Foundry United Methodist Church.
*for example, a regular attendee or an immediate family member of a Foundry member

How to Apply:

1. Gather required documents.:

• A copy of your most recent academic transcript
• A copy of the last page of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or verification of free/reduced lunch if you would like us to consider financial need.

2. Write your scholarship essay.

Both scholarships require 1 essay. See the scholarship application form above for topics. Maximum essay length is 650 words.

3. Complete and submit your application.

All materials must be received by the application deadline of June 1, 2020 in order to be considered.

Alida Smith Memorial Scholarship Application Edward W. Bauman Scholarship Application

Scholarship FAQs

1. How do you decide who receives an award?

The Coordinator of the Scholarship Ministry Team removes personal data from the applications and codes the applications before distributing them to the Ministry Team members. Each Ministry Team member then reviews and rates all applications based on a standard set of criteria. The full Ministry Team then meets and collectively reaches final award decisions. Please note that all information provided by the applicants is held in strict confidence. As noted, all application review is done anonymously. After the scholarships have been awarded, all applications, or copies thereof used by the Scholarship Ministry Team are destroyed. If you receive an award, your name (but not the amount of the your scholarship) will be public information.

2. How much are the awards?

Award amounts vary from year to year depending on the award allotment available from the underlying investments and the number of applicants.

3. I applied for a scholarship. When will I hear back?

We hope to have all applications reviewed and decisions made as early as possible in the spring/summer so that applicants can plan for the coming 2020-2021 school year. All applicants whose applications are reviewed will be notified by email — either that they have been granted a scholarship, or that they did not receive a scholarship. Award recipients will then be announced to the Foundry United Methodist Church community.

4. I received a Foundry scholarship in the past. Can I apply again?

Yes! We encourage past recipients to re-apply if they are eligible.

5. Who is on the Scholarship Ministry Team?

The 2020 Scholarship Ministry Team members are: Margie McKelvey (chair), Henry Curry, Chelsey Jones, Allison Kramer, Parker Low, Cathy O’Sullivan, Victoria Sanchez, Lauren Sheram, and Steve Zagami. Connect with us at Foundry or email us at

6. Who is Edward W. Bauman?

Reverend Dr. Bauman served as the senior minister of Foundry UMC from 1964 to 1992. When he arrived in 1964, the church was racially segregated and did not welcome black members; it moved to do so in 1965. Dr. Bauman encouraged he formation of mission groups to tackle social justice issues such as hunger and homelessness. He sparked controversy in 1977 when he preached on “The Gay Life" as part of a series on love and marriage - a sermon that was also carried on the Bauman Bible Telecast - wherein he said, “the spirit of Christ will enable us to express compassion and acceptance toward the homosexuals among us.” Another later controversial sermon on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam noted that each worshipped the same God. In 1979, Time magazine named Dr. Bauman one of the nation's top seven preachers based on his ability to nurture his congregation and "convey, along with solid content and skillful delivery, the sense of overwhelming conviction.” Upon his departure from Foundry, Dr. Bauman shocked everyone when he sent a letter to each church member confessing that during his nearly 28 years as their pastor, he had had inappropriate relationships with several women in the congregation.

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