Music Ministries Coordinator


The Music Ministries Coordinator is a vital member of the staff of Foundry United Methodist Church, a large downtown Washington DC church whose diverse, ecumenical congregation and tradition of leadership in the community date to 1814. The Music Ministries Coordinator shares Foundry’s core values, among them a belief in Christ and His teachings, the commandment to serve others and to act and speak for the powerless, a compelling desire for diversity and full inclusion of all God’s children in the life of the church, and the critical nature of curiosity and intellectual honesty as we discern God’s path for us.

The Music Ministries Coordinator will work with and in support of the Director of Music Ministries primarily in administrative and managerial duties regarding the Chancel Choir, Jubalate, Treble Choir, Men’s Choir, and Lay Music Ministry at Foundry UMC.


The Music Ministries Coordinator will work with and support the Director of Music Ministries as instructed. This position will meet bi-weekly, or as needed, with the Director of Music Ministries to review plans for the upcoming month. Specific duties and responsibilities of the Music Ministries Coordinator include the following:

• Assist Director of Music Ministries with weekly Worship Music Planning:
   • including data entry of Music information into PCO & Basecamp
   • coordination of musical preparation with choir members and musicians
   • upload and maintain Foundry digital library in PCO software add-on Music Stand

• Prepare, upload, and maintain all music prior to rehearsals, for choir members and assigned musicians

• Maintain organization of both Foundry’s physical and digital music library
• Recruit new members and section leaders, coordinate audition times for new members
• Maintain active roster/directory of current choir members and manage by section
• Maintain attendance of section leaders
• Submit and ensure timely payment of all section leaders and contracted musicians
• Manage and coordinate all Lay Member Music Ministry participation in collaboration with the Director of Music Ministries
• Maintain inventory, distribution, and ensure timely care and cleaning of choir robes and stoles
• Schedule regular tuning and maintenance of Foundry pianos and Casavant organ
• Maintain Foundry Music & Livestreaming Copyright licenses and reporting
• Coordinate special choir events including post/pre-performance social gatherings, summer parties, and choir socials, in collaboration with the Director of Music Ministries
• Secure and monitor access to choir room during rehearsals worship services
• Email weekly reminders to Foundry choirs, including but not limited to: Chancel choir rehearsal notes, call times, sheet music and practice links, traffic updates, and any special member news
• Liaise with choir and Section Leaders to troubleshoot problems and issues, making best efforts to anticipate issues and manage them before they arise
• Manage social media presence and encourage event promotion by choir members, in collaboration with Digital Engagement and Communications Team, and ministry teams
• Submit project requests for all marketing materials for Foundry choirs.
• Assist Director of Music Ministries with coordination of outside musicians for larger works
• Assist Director of Music Ministries in facilitation of SMART Goals
• Assist Director of Music Ministries with expansion of music resources and expanded lay member participation in the 9 a.m. Worship Service music


• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to both lead and work with others
• Excellent written communication skills
• Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, email)
• Basic understanding of Planning Center Online Services and Groups
• Highly organized
• Adaptable, open to flexible working hours
• Access to home office space and basic computer equipment


• Mission Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of the ministry, mission, goals and Statement of Call of Foundry United Methodist Church. Leads their leadership team to identify unique ministry opportunities that are in line with the ministry, mission, goals, and Statement of Call of Foundry United Methodist Church.
• Interpersonal Skills:
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead others and build capacity and demonstrate skills of active listening while openly accepting responsibility and criticism.
  • Productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict and displays a level of maturity that ensures that appropriate boundaries are in place.

  • Holds others accountable, while positively engaging and motivating people in ministry.

  • Abides by and implements Safe Sanctuary policies as applicable and necessary.

  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion in all areas of ministry and the workplace.

  • Recognizes the importance of, and practices, maintaining healthy personal and professional boundaries, accepting full responsibility for one’s own work, understanding its limits, and avoiding interference in the work of others.

  • Maintains a healthy work/life balance, giving appropriate attention to personal development, selfcare and enjoying a sabbath day for rest and reflection.

• Team Building Skills:
  • In collaboration with the Director of Music Ministries, create and communicate vision, direction, and goals for the team.

  • Relate congregational visions and priorities with mission leaders and work with leaders regularly to assess the health of teams and groups.

  • In collaboration with the Director of Music Ministries, be able to recognize dysfunctional team behavior and redirects it into functional behavior.

• Leadership Development:
  • Is a good judge of talent and spiritual giftedness.

  • Can accurately project how people are likely to perform in a variety of settings.

  • Provides challenging and stretching tasks and assignments for developing leaders.

  • Stretches people to try new skills and accept new levels of responsibility.

• Management Skills:
  • Demonstrate commitment and flexibility to regular meetings with music ministry participants and leaders; seek to understand their personal leadership styles and temperament types, and adapt leadership behavior to meet the needs of the situation.

   • They must delegate, empower, and hold leaders accountable, while using available resources (people, funding, material, support) to meet goals.

   • Identify and develop leaders and their gift for ministry.

• Organization Skills:
   • Ability to focus, prioritize, schedule and manage multiple projects and tasks.

   • Ability to develop and complete short-term and long term goals and action plans that are aligned with overall goals of the church.

   • Ability to meet commitments on time.

   • Communicates effectively in written and spoken communication.

• Spiritual Maturity: Attentive to personal spiritual development, discipline and growth. Models and encourages spiritual growth and discipleship in others.

Interested applicants should email cover letter and resume to